also sunny, 20 degrees 🌸
(lukáš dobeš)

design, research and very slow development,
currently busy working on, writing a blog (n/a yet) and learning more on data science

selected projects

2019–36 research and development as part of, e.g. now going on: identity-system.dps, impermanent pseudonymous identity & tactile memory based chat

2022 designed and typeset the book Searching for the Faith of Ĺ lapanice, suming up story of a lifelong cultivator of Chrysanthemums and the theory on the subject of botanical cultivation in correlation with theory on other-than-human agencies

~2018–2023 researched, consulted and designed information architectures and interfaces of web services for companies and institutions, e.g. website (interface consulting, development) for a white-label cosmetics manufacturer based in Jeseník, with Jakub Hojgr (design); or designed film festival microsite template for Film Europe TV channels and film distribution company, with NEON Studio (user testing, development)

2021 designed a bilingual project brochure The Fourth Greenhouse for a show by an artist Marta Fišerová Cwiklinski in Pragovka Gallery

2020 designed and co-authored Teorism, essays on design education

~2016–21 did graphic design support in print to artists, collectives, friends and galleries designing books, posters, subtitles, newspapers and stuff

2018–19 researched paraacademic studies & calendar protocols, co-founded and co-designed Missing Studies platform using iCal protocol as lightweight social media interface – the platform lead its own startup career afterwards. Together with Magdalena Prudíková, Jan Stuchlík.

2017–22 worked with TIC BRNO, public institution navigating geography and culture of Brno, e.g. or in 2019 did secondary analysis for structure and UI system for several sites designed in-house or in 2016 this collab initiated development and first public release of Space Grotesk, widely used free & open-source typeface. Cooperated with with Jakub Konvica (design) & Florian Karsten (typedesign).

about me

2015—2022 studied at AGDX (Studio of Graphic design 1) @ FAVU VUT, Brno (FFA BUT)

master thesis on community decision-making, reasoning protocol & interface and democratization of design

bachelor thesis on design studies supplementary study groups

2016 studied at KASK Gent, Design department

-- (mostly) sunny

2021-03-28, using design-system.dps (v202103) and early supernormal.dps typeface (v20200804)